Luce Eterna Book5 part1 book review

Luce Eterna Book5 part1 book review

Luce Eterna starts off where we. left off in book 4. We have Lexi who gave birth to twins under extreme circumstances. As a mother who had premature twins I could understand Lexi and Lucca’s anguish seeing their babies in the Neonatal intensive care unit. I held my breath each turning page wondering when the babies would come home and could breathe a sigh of relief.

Let me tell you that I definitely was not expecting what occurred next. I am so used to Lucca being the knight in shining armor who takes care of everything and to see him fall apart absolutely threw me off and made my jaw drop!!

In this story we get to see what Lexi is made of! I saw Lexi in a new light and with incredible momma bear strength. I cried right along with her and rooted her on and felt strongly her emotions as a momma. I could feel my heart on my sleeve while reading this book and I cannot wait to read part 2 of book 5 and hopefully get the happy ending I was expecting !!

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