The Second first chance By Blakely Bennett Book Release

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The Second First Chance by Blakely Bennett

Release Date: March 16th
Genre: Romance
Cover Design: Happi Anarky
Editing: Harper Jewel


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If you could have a second chance at true love, would you take it?

Jayden is offered the opportunity to journey back in time when she loses her soulmate, Callahan, on their twentieth anniversary. Enticed by the idea of meeting Callahan ten years earlier, she takes the leap.

From 2015 back to 1985, Jayden restarts her college experience at Florida State University. Her best friend Patrick from the first time around is at her side, supporting her attempts to win over young Cal.

Professor Travis Stratford has his eyes set on Jayden and throws his hat into the ring. Could he be a good distraction while she waits for Callahan to give her a second first chance?

Young Cal, still suffering from a recent loss of his own, is a different man than her Cally of the future. Will Jayden have the patience necessary to win him over? Will Cal believe her crazy tale?

Immerse yourself in this poignant, sexy, hilarious romance, which will have you laughing—and crying— your heart out.



I lay in bed wondering if I had crossed over into coo-cooville. I desperately needed to talk to Callahan. (If he were still alive,) he would know what to make of it all. If Toly was real, could I walk away from the life we built and start over? There was so much I could and would do differently.

I could go back to the age of eighteen and hunt down Callahan, and we could start ten years earlier. I wouldn’t drop out of college after my first year, throwing away my parents gift of four years paid tuition, room, and board. I could pursue creative writing from the start instead of waiting tables for years as I paid my way to earn my teaching degree.

If I couldn’t convince Cally to love me straight away, I would have the opportunity to have more sexual experiences. He had so many more lovers than I did when we met that he felt like I had somehow missed out. However, having sex with another while still so deeply in love with Callahan might prove challenging.

I wondered if I could change my appearance, or if I would have to look the same as I did at eighteen. I was attractive enough, but if I could change a few things here and there… On the other hand, it would be amazing if Toly could hold off cellulite until I was, at least, sixty or make me one of those women who bounce back from pregnancy in a week and never look like they had a baby in the first place.

The only stumbling block—well two of them really—which stopped me from outright considering it: (my daughter) Ash lightly snoring beside me and whether or not my mind had fractured over the loss of Callahan and had decided to play trick or treat with me.

I slipped quietly out of bed and went downstairs to find some alcohol to help lull me into sleep. My racing mind would not shut up.

In the cabinet above the refrigerator, I found a bottle of Stolichnaya vodka. At the table, I poured an inch into a tumbler and knocked it back. The smell of cinnamon wafted over me just before Toly reappeared. “Back again, I see.” I poured another shot into the glass.

“We had not completed our conversation.” He bowed slightly. “My apologies for the abrupt departure.”

“Understood. Shannon would have swift kicked you had she met you on the street. Of course, my sanity is still in question. Whether I believe you or not is simply beside the point.”

“To answer your question, the only change I can make for you would be to retain your memory if you decide to go back. In addition, as soon as you make your choice, I will be gone. If you choose to remain here and now, I can wipe your memory of me.”

“So you can’t make me enjoy cleaning or have less of a sweet tooth?”


“Wait a minute,” I bristled. “Do the collective of watchers or whatever you called them see everything I do? Even in my private alone time? Pick my nose? Touch my… Okay now, I’m an open-minded woman, but that’s just—” I was about to say fucked up but instead said, “Creepy.”

“Their purpose is not to judge or gawk, but to guide when necessary. The more closed off the occupier is, the less influence they have. You are considering eighteen for your insertion time,” he stated, taking a seat at the table.

“Would you care for a drink?” I asked, my southern politeness overriding the fear of my apparent lunacy.

“I have no requirement of sustenance and prefer you refrain until our conversation has concluded.”

“Fine,” I said, pushing the glass away from me. “Yes, eighteen makes the most sense to me or really is the most appealing. I’m not sure I have any sense left. I would love an extra ten years with Callahan, and retracing the same steps I’ve already covered seems like a dreadfully boring prospect. I was always the dreamer and the risk taker of the two of us. I know, knew, know Callahan so well and yet, in this crazy scenario, I have no idea what he’d advise. I do know he would take any opportunity for a longer life together. But I feel like I’m abandoning Ashley when she needs me the most. I get that she wouldn’t have been born yet, but she will still be real to me.”

He watched me intently and waited for me to continue.

“If I’m going to go full-blown into this delusion, let’s get down to business. Can I tell Callahan about all of this if I go?”

“Yes, but there are no guarantees he will believe you.”

“I’m certain he won’t initially, but I think I can get past that. And other people?”

“It would be ill-advised to share it with others, but there is no rule against it.”

“Can you send me back with a lot of money?”

“No. You’re financial situation will remain the same given the particular time you select. However, once in, you can manifest any changes you would like within the confines of natural law.”

“Can I go back to the very day I arrived at Florida State University after my folks drive away?”

“That can be done.”

“I know I already asked this, but please tell me again that I will definitely have Ashley if I go back.”

“If and/or when you get pregnant, she will be your first child.”

I forced out a breath and said, “Let’s do it, but first I want to kiss her goodbye.”


Author Bio:


Blakely Bennett grew up in Southeast Florida and has been residing in the great Northwest for over ten years. She graduated from Nova Southeastern University with a degree in psychology, which accounts for her particular interest in crafting the personalities, struggles, and motivations of her characters. She is an avid reader of many genres of fiction but especially enjoys erotica and romance. Writing has always been her bliss.

Blakely is married to a wonderful, loving, and supportive husband, who is also a writer, and who helps to keep her grounded. She is a mother, a communitarian, a lover of music (it is always on while she is writing thanks to Pandora), and a good friend. An advocate of love and female empowerment, she is also a facilitator for a women’s group. She loves to walk and hike for exercise, and finds that, since moving to Seattle, Washington, she is now one of those crazy people who walk in the rain.

The Second First Chance is her eighth novel. Her other novels include the Bound by Your Love Series (Stuck in Between, Bittersweet Deceit, & Blue Persuasion), the dark erotic suspense My Body Trilogy (My Body-His, My Body-His (Marcello) and My Body-Mine) and the contemporary romance, The Demarcation of Jack, which she co-wrote with her husband, Dana Bennett.

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Saving Kenna by D.L. Raver book cover reveal

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Release Date: Nov. 16/2014
You met Kenna and Sloan in Indulging in Irelynand Being
. Now, read their story.
I knew from the first moment I saw her, Kenna Campbell would be
my undoing. I’ve done my best to stay away from her, but I fail at every turn.
Now, she’s been taken from me, and I’ll stop at nothing to get her back.
Irish born, Sloan Sullivan is a man with a past he can’t escape.
Everything about him, from his identify to his profession, is a lie.
Until he met Kenna, he didn’t think twice about his fraudulent
life. Now, his past is threatening his future and preventing him from saving
the woman he loves.
I’ve loved Sloan from the moment I saw him. Though he pushes me
away at every turn, I never leave.
Kenna Campbell fell in love with Sloan Sullivan when she was sixteen.
Throughout the years, she’s stayed true to him even when it hurt her to do so.
In a
heartbreaking turn of events, Kenna falls prey to
 Marcus Xavier’s evil game. Though she’s
physically survived the brutality she suffered at the hands of two men, her
emotional and mental scars refuse to heal, and she wonders if she’s broken
beyond repair.
Is love enough to keep these two together, or will the monsters
from both their pasts destroy them forever?

About the Author
 Dawna Raver didn’t always want to be a writer, but the voices
in her head keep sending her stories, ranging from new adult, romantic fantasy
and contemporary romance.

When she’s not spending time in her fantasy
world, Dawna loves football, reading, and pretending she’s a top chef in the
kitchen. Oh, and fawning over her dogs and husband, sometimes in that order.
Twitter: @DawnaRaver
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Book Reveal: Bittersweet Deceit by Blakely Bennett

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Title: Bittersweet Deceit
Author: Blakely Bennett
Genre: Erotic Romance
Release Date: August 5, 2014
Cover Designer: Yocla Designs
Editing: Read Owl

Lainie is a thirty year old, full-figured woman entrenched in a love affair with a married man. Although Lainie loves Mason desperately, she vows never to say those three little words while he remains with his wife.

Stayman, an enigma in Lainie’s close-knit group of friends, has been circling her with interest, trying to garner her attention. When circumstances make it clear who’s blocking his way—Mason—Stay goes full-court press in pursuit of Lainie.

Lainie doesn’t see Stay as relationship potential because she is blinded by her love for Mason. However, the more she learns about Stay, the more she comes to realize she never really knew him in the first place.

An unexplainable mystical connection evolves between Lainie and Stay and she has to choose between a man she so hopelessly loves and a man who offers her everything she needs.

slipped into the jacket and latched the repeating circles onto my wrist. The
bottom of the coat stopped just where the broad lines of the dress changed from
horizontal to vertical. “What do you think?” I asked Samantha.
look stunning,” a deep male voice responded. I turned around and found Stay
smiling at me.
Stay,” Sam said before I could respond. “Looking mighty handsome. If I didn’t
know any better, I’d think this is a date.”
looked sharp in his black dress pants, matching coat, and dark-gray dress
shirt. I gazed at him but was at a loss for words. We stared at each other for
a second.
saved me by saying, “Stay, there’s a wire mannequin in the attic that I’d like
brought down, and Lane and I can’t lift it. I wondered if you could do that for
us. Not now. I wouldn’t want you to mess up your clothes, but—”
he removed his coat, he said, “It shouldn’t take long and I’ll just take off my
 He started unbuttoning as both Samantha
and I watched as he slowly revealed his chest. Stay slipped out of his shirt
and laid it neatly on top of his jacket.
smooth, lean torso was highly defined and I got caught staring at his chest. He
winked at me and then said to Sam, “Come on and show me the way.”
they walked away, I glared into the mirror and said, “Don’t even think about
later, he had managed to carry the mannequin down.
put it in the back,” I said, leading the way. “It needs to be cleaned up before
it can be out on the floor.” I showed him where to put it. Scanning his
physique from his head to his shoes, I noticed that he continued to let his
golden-brown hair grow in and chose to where black boots instead of dress
shoes. To make matters worse, his five o’clock shadow was incredibly sexy. Damn, he looks hot. Look away girl, just
look away!
I said, holding out a lint roller, but not making eye contact.
dust had settled on the front of his pants just over the zipper area. “You
don’t want to help?”
turned away and said, “Go get dressed.”
you sure that’s your final decision?”
sure.” My rapidly beating heart settled down once his clothing was back on.
you ready to go?” he asked.
me go grab my clothes bag and my clutch and I will be.” Sam followed me into my
looks hot!” she exclaimed. “He must really like you. I’ve never seen him
dressed up before.”
it,” I said, making sure my dress lay straight.
about MM for the night,” she said to me with a serious expression. She pulled
the tag off my jacket.
not possible. Thanks for closing up and helping with the outfit.”

Blakely Bennett grew up in Southeast Florida and has been residing in the great Northwest for over eight years. She graduated from Nova Southeastern University with a degree in psychology, which accounts for her particular interest in crafting the personalities, struggles, and motivations of her characters. She is an avid reader of many genres of fiction, but especially erotica and romance. Writing has always been her bliss. She is attracted to stories of self-struggle and ultimate recovery.

Blakely is married to a wonderful, loving and supportive husband, also a writer, who helps to keep her grounded. She is a mother, a communitarian, a lover of music (always on while she is writing—thank you, Pandora), and a good friend. An advocate of love and female empowerment, she is a facilitator for a women’s group. She loves to walk and hike for exercise and finds that, since moving to Seattle, WA, she is now one of those “crazy” people who walk in the rain.
Bittersweet Deceit (erotic romance) is her 6th novel. She is also the author of the dark erotic suspense, My Body Trilogy (My Body-His, My Body-His (Marcello) & My Body-Mine) and co-authored the contemporary romance, The Demarcation of Jack with her husband, Dana Bennett.

Website  Facebook  Twitter  Pinterest  Google+  Email


Jacqs is a twenty-eight year old woman caught up in an on again, off again relationship with Bond, who is her best friend and the one who causes her the most heartache. She succumbs, yet again, to his powerful charisma, but vows not make it into more than it is, a great night of sex.

Bond, too sexy for his own good, wants Jacqs for himself as he “dates” his way through the female population of South Florida. He selfishly doesn’t see the conflict of interest.

Red, Bond’s best friend, has watched Bond take Jacqs for granted for way too long and soon stakes his own claim on her.

Will Red and Jacqs budding relationship pull apart their tight-knit group of friends and will Jacqs survive being Stuck In Between.