Book Review : Stalemate by Lisa Suzanne

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Emme Ford loves her job as a bar promoter. She runs in the same circles as musicians and socialites, getting paid to party with them. She’s content with life just the way it is, and she has no interest in marriage, kids, or growing up. But what happens when the party’s over?

Axel Jones wants to marry Emme, but she denied his proposal. They both pretend it didn’t affect their relationship, but it did. A wedge divides them, and now they’re stuck in a stalemate. What do you do when only one person wants more?

Every now and then there are folks who have commitment issues, some are just commitment-phobes and others are just perfectly happy not defining the relationship. Usually its the guys who want to take their time when it comes to committing and defining the relationship but that doesn’t seem to be the problem with Axel. Axel wants to marry Emme, Axel wants a family and all that comes with a committed relationship. Emme on the other hand doesn’t know what she wants. All she knew is that she was having fun with Axel and that was that. Will Axel and Emme be able to get past their issues? I sure as heck felt like jumping into the book and telling Emme to snap out of it and tell Axel how she really felt!! I know you will enjoy reading this story and will be anxiously waiting for the next installment. I got so invested in this story that I am going to go back and read the first installment and learn all about Axel’s cousin Carter and Emme’s friend Courtney!!

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