This Holiday Season I gave the gift of safety by giving Mace® Brand Pepper sprays #MaceBrandMoms

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One of the gifts I gave my oldest daughter was the gift of safety. I am the type of person who believes in giving practical gifts and giving her Mace® Brand pepper spray to take with her seemed like a greater gift than make up kits or anything like that. My daughter is getting ready to go to college and I need to know that she has at least some sort of protection with her. I need her to be able to carry around something that will deter someone if they are trying to cause her harm!!


personal pepper spray

I love the size of the handheld pepper spray because she can easily carry it in her hands or her pockets or purse. The all natural ingredients makes me feel safe for her to carry it around and the pepper spray is strong enough to distract the person while my daughter gets away.

dog deterrent

I also provided my daughter with the Mace®Brand canine pepper spray because time and time again I read reports about dogs being out on the loose and biting people. I rather have my daughter well prepared than under prepared. You never know when you can be the victim of an attack!! I rather be practical and give my child the gift of safety than have my daughter be a statistic.

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