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Do you have unven skin tone? Has your face been exposed to the sun more than you would have liked and you ended up with freckles? I know I had more freckles that I liked to have. I also noticed that the older I got the more my skin tone became uneven. I started to search and look at reviews that could help my face have a more youthful look. After trying out different things I kind of gave up hope that I would get my face to look the way I wanted it to.

Who would have thought that months later I would be given the opportunity to try out some skin care products and I would find exactly what I was looking for. After looking at the Dermagist skin tone correcting system reviews I knew that was exactly what I needed to get rid some of my freckles and to even up my skin tone. I liked the fact that the skin tone correcting system didn’t contain any harsh chemicals.. in fact the formula used is all natural.

The Dermagist Skin Tone Correcting System consists of two products combined into one system. The first product is the Skin Brightening Accelerator. This exfoliating facial cleanser not only cleans the skin and removes dead and damaged skin cells. It precisely treats and prepares the skin for the second part of the treatment. The Skin Brightening Agent absorbs quickly into the skin, much like a light serum. It targets the dark spots or uneven skin tone, restoring your skin’s natural, youthful luster. After using it for a month I can say that I noticed my face looks more brighter than it did before. I noticed that my freckles aren’t as dark as they were before and some of them even faded away. I had a friend ask me what I was doing to my face because she could definitely see a difference. She told me my face had a more youthful appearance that there was a certain glow about my face. When I have other people commenting on how good my face looks, I know I am using something good!!

*I was provided the Dermagist skin correcting system in exchange for a honest review*

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